Tuesday, April 30, 2013


hello !!!

today we are going to do a simple   bow tutorial  ! we all know how cute bows look  
 the materials you will need are :
polkadot ribbon
brown ribbon
contrast color  ribbon
(or any color ribbons you want )
tape measure
 a silicone gun

First cut the brown ribbon to about 15cm 

then cut the polkadot ribbon to the same size 
                                   Now with the silicone gun glue the polkadot ribbon to the brown

 finally cut a piece of ribbon in approximately 4cm in lengt a contrast color and wind it around the centre of the ribbon firmly

Et voilà !

                                               you can use the ribbon as a hair accessory too !

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bow ring tutorial!

Hi!Today we are going to show you how to make this bow ring!
Jewelry pliers
and something in the same size with your finger(I used a lipstick)

Got it all?Let's start!
Bend the wire in the center around the lipstick.

Then form a loop.It should look like a half bow.

After that make the second loop.

Wrap the end of the last bow in the center.

Finally shorten the ends of the bow and you are done!

Here is the result!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Infinity ring tutorial

Hi guys !! 

Here is a new tutorial of an infinity ring that we made !!

The materials you will need are :

some Wire 

Jewelry  pliers 

An object at the  same size with your finger 

And a pen 

First form a loop with the help of your pen ! Do it again for the other circle ! And cut the edges of the wire 

 Now for the ring base , take the round tips plier and form the wire like it is shown in the picture !!

Then put the infinity charm you have made in the loop and with another plier press it hard

Now put the ring around the object you have chosen and  form another loop with the wire you have !!


               Et voilà <3

Saturday, April 20, 2013

DIY collar

Hello guys !! 
Today we are gonna have a  DIY collar  !!!!
The materials you will need are : 
An old shirt 
A sewing needle 
 A skein of thread the same color as  the shirt
And some charms of your choice !!!;)

First cut the collar off the shirt. 

Then with the needle  sew the charm on  the collar 

After you  finish , tie the thread on the wrong  side of the collar and cut it with  the scissors !

Do the same for the other charm 

                                                                    Et voilà    3 <3 <3

Friday, April 19, 2013

jellybean bottle charm tutorial

hello !!!!  how are you guys ??  today we are gonna have a bottle charm tutorial !!! :D :D
It is very simple !!!
the materials you will need are :
a bottle charm
silicone gun
 parchment paper
or colored silicone bars
first , with the silicone gun start to create little beans  on the parchment paper

Then if you don't have colored silicone bars you can use highlighters of any color you want so that you can  paint the jellybeans !
                 And finally , put the jellybeans into the bottle !!!
et voilà !

Our first tutorial

Hello crafty people!
This is our first tutorial!Yay!!It is quiet simple but we wanted to share it with you!
First of all gather your materials!
You are going to need:
A charm(We used a butterfly we had laying around)
Jewellery pliers
A jump ring
And a key ring
First attach your jump ring and your chain to the butterfly

        Then add the key ring!

We know it is too simple but we wanted to make our first tutorial!
So,what do you think?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Shrink plastic

Recently we discovered shrink plastic .  It is a very versatile material. As the name suggests, shrink plastic is a form of plastic that shrinks to a fraction of its original size when it is heated. While it is often thought of as being a child's play thing, shrink plastic is an exciting medium for rubber stampers, mixed media artists and anyone else looking for something a little different. At its most basic, shrink plastic can be used to create quick custom embellishments for cards or scrapbooks, however there is also plenty of scope to make interesting items of jewelry, accessories and elements , for inclusion in other mixed media projects..   We use it to make jewellery !! All you need to do is draw on its not shining side ,then cut it and put it in the oven (170 C ) and watch it shrink!!

You can see the actuall size of the drawing and the baked one
It becomes about seven times smaller and thicker !

You can choose between white,frosted and crystal clear ! Here we have used the frosted packet that comes  with 50  sheets !(131X 101 mm)