Thursday, April 18, 2013

Shrink plastic

Recently we discovered shrink plastic .  It is a very versatile material. As the name suggests, shrink plastic is a form of plastic that shrinks to a fraction of its original size when it is heated. While it is often thought of as being a child's play thing, shrink plastic is an exciting medium for rubber stampers, mixed media artists and anyone else looking for something a little different. At its most basic, shrink plastic can be used to create quick custom embellishments for cards or scrapbooks, however there is also plenty of scope to make interesting items of jewelry, accessories and elements , for inclusion in other mixed media projects..   We use it to make jewellery !! All you need to do is draw on its not shining side ,then cut it and put it in the oven (170 C ) and watch it shrink!!

You can see the actuall size of the drawing and the baked one
It becomes about seven times smaller and thicker !

You can choose between white,frosted and crystal clear ! Here we have used the frosted packet that comes  with 50  sheets !(131X 101 mm) 

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