Thursday, May 2, 2013

How to make your own ring base + button ring tutorial!


Today we have two tutorials for you!
About the first one: If you,like us, are bored of going to the craft store to buy ring bases then this tutorial is for you!

Something at the same size with your finger(We used a lip stick)
Some wire 
A wire cutter

Twist the wire about 2 or 3 times aroud the lip stick(so that it is steady)

then take one end and do the ''under and front'' movement

twist the ends of the wire

in the end it should look like this!Your base is ready!

Now for the ring:

wire cutter
the ring base you made
a strong glue
and any button you want(we used a vintage flower one)

cut this part of the button

then glue the ring base and the button together


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